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Service Features

  • With TLB Medicals you can be assured of competitive fees, a professional and friendly service.
  • We focus provide on providing an attentive service and value each and every instruction.
  • Instructions for medico legal reports will normally be processed on the day the instruction is received and an appointment with the agreed expert will be offered within a couple of days.
  • A wide range of medical experts ensures reduced waiting time for examinations without the inconvenience of lengthy travel. 
  • Professionally managed service with an experienced management team.
  • Our services are designed to produce quality results to match the needs of solicitors and clients.
  • Personal injury reports by in-house medical experts, specialists & Consultants.
  • GP’s, Physiotherapists and Psychologists who are situated nationally and in close proximity to your local area.
  • Our team of medical experts is completely up to date with changing legislation and legal requirements.
  • Where necessary we can arrange the recommended treatment to aid recovery.
  • We can be contacted via telephone, fax, email or post, and a speedy reply is guaranteed.
  • With TLB Medicals you can be assured of a stress free partnership.