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About Us

TLB Medicals is an established medico legal agency with several years of experience. Our reports and services are professional, yet flexible enough to be tailored to the requests of solicitors and clients. Our experts are kept completely up to date with the legislation of the profession.

We have a large and varied database of our medical experts, ranging from GP’s, Physiotherapists, Othopaedic Consultants to Psychologists with years of experience in writing Medico-Legal reports and providing treatment to aid rehabilitation.

We pride ourselves on being efficient and effective and providing excellence in customer service standards. The company’s objective is to focus on its three fundamental core values:

  1. A satisfied customer
  2. Will reuse our service and
  3. Recommend us

  It is with these core values that we have grown from strength to strength.

At our affiliated clinics we offer comprehensive medico legal reports and a whole range of other services to the insurance and legal industry. We pride ourselves on efficient medico legal report writing to meet your precise needs. Our comprehensive array of specialists’ means we can easily give you access to the expertise you are looking for. With professionalism at the heart of everything we do, you can be confident of a very good service.