Welcome to Medico Legal Reports

TLB Medicals is a medico-legal agency that provides reports for solicitors, individuals and regulated claims management companies.

We have a database of our medical experts, ranging from GPs, Senior A&E registrars, Consultants to Pediatricians with years of experience in writing Medico-Legal reports.

All reports are written in a professional manner, signed and declared at the end. They are written by and carefully-chosen, fully trained medical experts. Their work is of the highest quality, clear, concise and fully compliant with Civil Procedure Rules.

Service Features

  • 48hours report writing service. We can in emergency situations send an expert to your clients home address and have a report compiled in 48hrs. This service is used sparingly but is available.
  • Instructions for medico legal reports will normally be processed on the day the instruction is received and an appointment with the agreed expert will be offered within two weeks.
  • Personal and friendly service. Our company is large enough to deal with large volumes but small enough to provide an attentive service.
  • Investigations: Rapid Pathology, MRI, CT, Radiography, Physiotherapy, Ultrasound & more...
  • Home visits for 3 or more clients involved in the same accident.
  • Consultants, GPs and Physiotherapists that are situated nationally and in close proximity to your local area.
  • Our team of medical experts is completely up to date with changing legislation and legal requirements
  • Large database of panel solicitors of whom we can act as an introducer. All our panel solicitors are proven and offer a fabulous service to clients, ensuring quick and high settlement claims. In addition they also offer competitive referral fees and quick payment of the same.
  • Ease we can be contacted via telephone, fax, email or post, and a speedy reply is guaranteed.

Instructing Protocol

  • Instruction letters should be sent to TLB Medicals
  • An appointment will be made with the appropriate/requested expert, consultant, specialist or GP
  • When appropriate, previous notes/investigation records should be made available to TLB Medicals before the appointment.
  • The consultation will take place within two weeks of receipt of instruction letter, (urgent appointments can be requested).
  • If no further investigations are required, i.e. X-rays, MR scan; the report will be prepared and sent to the requesting firm, usually within seven working days of consultation.
  • If further investigations are required, every effort will be made to ensure the shortest possible timelines are adhered to.
  • If appropriate, coordination of additional investigations will be undertaken by TLB Medicals.